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Dwell In Austin delivers bespoke investment services highly customized to your performance goals. Whether you are a first-time investor or have decades of experience, we will energize your real estate investment model and outperform expectations. 

What’s our unique approach? We leverage 25 years of investment, development, design, and code experience along with an innovative and creative investment methodology. Our approach creates opportunities and value that are mostly unseen by the majority of real estate investment professionals. Our sophisticated investment insights and market expertise give our clients an edge in the Austin market… Learn more.

Proprietary, Data-Centric Real Estate Investment Tools

The Dwell In Austin team has developed a suite of proprietary data-centric tools and an analytical approach that gives our clients a strategic advantage in the highly competitive Austin real estate market.. 

We not only analyze macro Austin market trends, but we also drill down across sectors to a hyperlocal level to identify emergent trends, unlocking high-performance opportunities that other investment advisors and agents miss.

Client-centric Bespoke Real Estate Investment Services

The Dwell In Austin team takes the time to speak with you in-depth so that we clearly understand your expectations and investment goals for the Austin market. Once we’ve defined your specific investment requirements, we build a customized suite of investment tools tailored to your goals. 

Then we get to work identifying lucrative strategic investment opportunities in Austin with the singular goal of helping you and your investment outperform the market.

Market Studies

The whole idea of buying, selling, building, investing is quite overwhelming, but David has a knack of keeping all very much in front of you. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, and we agonize. However, after making a phone call or a text to David, we automatically feel back in control.

David led the charge in a property split we recently did on a condo regime. All turned out well for us. We had our peaks and valleys, as there will often be, but with a steady hand on both ends, you can achieve your goals (short or long term) with David’s help.

M R.

I’d considered purchasing investment property in the Austin area for some time. David has made my buying experience far easier than I had anticipated. It is a pleasure working with talented professionals. I would recommend David to everyone. He is a solid guy and a great resource for Austin Real Estate.

Nathaniel C

I am a real estate investor in the Bay Area and was looking to do a 1031 exchange in Austin, because I felt that it was a good area to invest in… I flew to Austin and Dave spent a whole day with me driving around looking at target properties in up and coming neighborhoods. Rather than buy a house simply for rental income, I decided to look for one in a high growth neighborhood where the lot could be split and a second unit (ADU) could be built.

Dave was instrumental in analyzing this strategy, finding the right property, helping negotiate the deal, meeting with the city planning department to determine that the lot met their ADU requirements, and introduced me to an attorney who could handle the condo conversion of the lot, and a great property manager.

I have worked with many agents for my personal and investment real estate transactions, and Dave and Smith are the best. They are extremely responsive, competent, creative, and always deliver what they promise. You can’t ask for any more than that.

Cliff T.

My husband and I were in the market for an investment property in the Austin area, but we live out of state so we were a little worried about finding the right agent who would not only understand our vision, but also be our biggest advocate (especially given we are out of state clients). Let me tell ya, Dave was everything we had hoped for and MORE!

Kassy C.

Maximizing your investment's success with dwell in austin

Contact the Dwell In Austin team at 512.813.0618 to delve deeper into how we can help you make the most of your investment opportunity.

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