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Dwell In Austin offers a unique array of strategic real estate consulting services, guidance, and market data customized for infill developers wanting to succeed in the dynamic and competitive Austin market.  

Dwell In Austin’s singular objective is optimizing the performance of our clients’ projects and investments. Our proven array of strategies, proprietary data, and slate of personalized services.

Real Estate Development Expertise

Dwell In Austin’s professional team has a long track record of real estate market success spanning more than 25 years in several urban markets.

We work hand-in-hand with developers of all sizes, on projects ranging from single-family homes to large, multi-unit developments.

As a result, Dwell In Austin has developed proprietary data analysis and tools as well as a multi-dimensional understanding of Austin’s highly competitive infill development landscape.

National press stories often miss the complexities and opportunities available today within specific areas of Austin. Dwell in Austin’s hyper-local analysis (neighborhoods, zip codes, and even blocks) often identifies market inefficiencies and distinct opportunities that others don’t see.

We excel at “playing the map” at the highest level. Our strategies, market analysis, Austin-specific expertise, and personalized service will give your business a distinct advantage over other developers in this market.

Data Driven Development

Our data-driven developer services, tools, and expertise are specifically tailored to the unique needs of your business model, your goals, and each project.

Dwell in Austin’s developer consulting includes:

  • One-on-one expert counsel from Dwell In Austin’s Dave Mosrie, Austin’s leading real estate trend analyst, consultant, and developer with a long track record of helping clients outperform the market.
  • Custom-tailored acquisition services built around your project requirements. We are experts in lot analysis, acquisition strategies, site modeling, and feasibility analysis,  all with a laser focus on maximizing your investment’s performance. 

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